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"I come from a proud family that has been involved in public service for as long as I can remember.  With that said, our voices in western Nebraska have been loud and clear - we need more living wage jobs, to always improve our schools, insure public safety, and make our Constitutional rights, in particular, a top priority. I have a track record of listening to the will of the people. Because, future issues are not known during the election year - I listen even after the vote is done.  My pledge is to work for you and not accept status quo.   I respectfully ask for your support and vote Tuesday, November 8th."



I am a farmer. I know firsthand the number one industry in our district and state. We need fairness in taxation and regulation if we want farmers and ranchers and their families be able to make an honest living and if we expect our young producers to return to our communities to raise their families.


I support our cooperatives and the cooperative system through my personal understanding of the cooperative business. I have been involved in cooperatives for over 40 years and 33+ years as a coop board member which has given me a great deal of experience in strategic planning for business.


I support ethanol because of the proven environmental benefits that it has shown in burning cleaner in our vehicles. This is also a Nebraska renewable source that we can grow, process, and sell here in Nebraska from field to gas tank. I support the efforts to research and create value-added products and markets for our producers

Greater property tax relief in Nebraska


As your state senator, I will use my experience, of having served on a school board, to work directly with the local school districts and boards of education. Together we can help meet the needs of education in our area.

I believe that a fair funding formula for education is 1/3 income, 1/3 sales, and 1/3 property taxes. In addition to that formula I believe that a percentage of income taxes from a county or district should be returned directly to that district.

We must stop the unfair mandates that are handed down to our local governments and especially our school boards. Because of this practice we continually see our property taxes increase without seeing the direct benefits.

Requiring students in NE public and private schools to use bathrooms that are consistent with their biological sex

I’m pro-life. I am unwavering in my support of traditional family values. I believe that life is a gift of God from conception to natural death, and will adamantly oppose any legislation to expand the practice of abortion in Nebraska.

I believe in traditional marriage between a man and a women.


I oppose any and all proposals to approve assisted suicides.

Defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman


Effective government is locally controlled government (School Boards, City Boards, and County Officials) with active participation from the people. Local government shouldn’t be “just an extension of the state government.”


If elected as the senator of the 47th District, I will draw on the 10+ years of experience I have as a County Commissioner in working directly with the county officials to give them the tools and resources to best solve the problems of the counties. I will not introduce legislation that will micromanage our local governing bodies (County Boards, City Board, School Boards) from Lincoln or force the people of the 10 county District to comply with unreasonable mandates.


We need to provide telecommunications opportunities to the residents of the 47th District to be able to testify on Legislative bills that are important to them with out having to take the time and expense of traveling to Lincoln to testify. If this is to be Government of the people, and for the people than we need to provide a way for people to more involved in the process.

Supports local control - against burdensome regulations


I want to work with you to cut spending, streamline government and give true tax relief. Nebraska’s population has remained the same for the last twenty years, but the size and scope of government has grown and become a burden on Nebraska families – who pay the tax bill. It has to stop.


Real estate taxes are strangling the vitality and economic livelihoods from families in this state – regardless of your profession. When bureaucrats say that government can’t afford to reduce your taxes, ask yourself this: “When was the last time anyone asked you if you could afford to pay a tax increase?”

Limit Government Programs/Spending


I’m pro-free enterprise. I believe that reducing taxes can and will lead to economic development. Tax relief will allow farmers and ranchers as well as our existing businesses and new businesses to grow and prosper.


The only way to truly reduce the property tax problem is to cut spending. Shifting the tax burden from one tax to another is a “quick fix” and will only help find a short-term solution. Controlling and prioritizing spending will provide short and long-term relief. Regardless of where you live or what you do, we are all in this together and need to work together to reduce the bureaucracy in our state.


Now is the time to be proactive in creating jobs and opportunities for our communities to maintain rural Nebraska and to ensure that our children have a bright future and an opportunity to return to our communities.

Pro Free Markets


I’m pro-2nd Amendment. I believe in and will support the rights of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms. I’m an NRA member.

Steve Erdman for Nebraska Legislature


Does not support Increasing regulations for additional gun control measures

Steve Erdman for Nebraska Legislature

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